Teenagers are at the greatest potential risk for developing an eating disorder.

Teen eating disorder treatments can make a difference.

About Teen Eating Disorder Treatments

Modern society deals an incredible amount of pressure and stress to your average teenager. They have to handle more, perform better, and deal with more responsibilities than ever before. This stress can all too often relate to their body image ideal. Teenagers and high schoolers are highly self-conscious and much of this ties into their appearance. Social media lies don’t help either. Due to this continuing stress, teen eating disorder treatments have become more necessary than ever. If you or your child shows signs of an eating disorder, get treatment now and set them up for the future they deserve!

Teen Eating Disorder Treatments

Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy

This form of psychotherapy works to help patients identify positive goals and take determined actions to achieve those goals. Rather than focusing on the emotions behind an eating disorder, it works to change habits and actions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common form of therapy used for mental disorders. It seeks to change thought patterns and beliefs that may lead to an eating disorder. It attempts to correct the negative cognitive processes that affect the eating disorder.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal psychotherapy sees eating disorders as a product of deeply internal, social and personal context which patients apply to their lives. When the personal context in which patients see themselves is distorted or degraded, issues like eating disorders can occur. This form of therapy looks to identify and correct these personal problem areas.